DIY: Oven & Hob section / Part 4

DONE! I made my kitchen! Thank you for being with me on this journey! Now.. I need to clean everything (whole house) to take a picture of my NEW & DIY kitchen! Wait! I need to sit down and think about it all… how did it happen!? Be patient it might take a while! Cause I’m planning to buy a […]

Yesterday’s trouble…

Yesterday I felt down… I felt tired, empty, a bit angry but most of the time anxious! I called the seller and he wrote an email to the manufacturer! He hopes to get another tap holding screw… … but if you ask me, I would say, manufacturer, don’t physic and don’t do testing. It took me only two months¬†to break […]

DIY: Oven & Hob section / Part 3

Forgot to share my progress on DIY Kitchen unit project. So here it is! Will you believe me if I’d say that I’m tired of a messy unfinished kitchen! But there’s nothing to blame but me :). And that’s hard… It’s easier to blame husband or worker than “GO&DO” by yourself! Isn’t it?! ūüôā SO, I will do it by […]

DIY: Oven & Hob section / Part 2

Two days ago I shared how hard it was to get going on this oven & hob section. Now I’m up and running :). I measured, I cut and glued all the boards together to make a countertop for this section a few days ago. Yesterday¬†it was sanding & oiling. Is there anyone who likes to be covered in man […]

DIY: Oven & Hob section

It was so hard to get this project going again. I dropped it cause I didn’t know if I’ll get the hob delivered or not also the cut in size was important. I waited for almost 3 months for my hob to be delivered! No, no… I didn’t order something fancy in fact these hobs are so popular that sells […]

Spoon lamp idea!

I got this idea since I started the DIY: Kitchen unit project. IDEA: Make kitchen lamp shade from spoons or other kitchen related items. After spending hours by generating ideas in my head I quit doing that. Drive to the shop and check the prices of spoons. And I mean really cheap spoons – Made in China. I found 12 […]

DIY: Sink & Dishwasher section

Sink and dishwasher section. What can I say…. It’s something that still isn’t finished and won’t be until I didn’t make next section and decide where I’ll store pots and pans and strainers. Where I’ll put dishes and how to hide gas cylinder for the cooktop. That’s ok. Baby steps! The mornings are so cold here in Latvia and I’m […]

All covered in oil

And YES! It’s final – I decide to finish my baking corner (and the rest of kitchen units I’m working on right now) with oil! Oil finish…¬†As you know I already move into my brand new baking corner (I actually never had one before). And now it’s time to get everything out and get the baking corner out from the […]

That Kitchen Sink

Remember that kitchen sink, that came from manufacturers warehouse without a hole for tap? Guess what! We found the “hole maker” and now it’s ready to be installed in the place… BUT. There is one BUT. We lost the manual and there are lots of different pipes we need to connect. I made that “art installation that supposes to drain” […]

Problem with Kitchen Sink

We have new¬†Stainless steel kitchen sink. That’s good, but since it’s possible to choose the side of the bigger sink to be located you have to tell where to put the hole for the tap when order. We decided to put the bigger sink on the right and table and smaller sink on the left but they just forgot to […]