DIY: Oven & Hob section

It was so hard to get this project going again. I dropped it cause I didn’t know if I’ll get the hob delivered or not also the cut in size was important. I waited for almost 3 months for my hob to be delivered! No, no… I didn’t order something fancy in fact these hobs are so popular that sells out quickly.

At the end, my hob arrived and I needed to quit everything else and start thinking about Oven & Hob section. It was hard! I had to measure everything cause I’ve lost all the notes. Also, I need to think of how this section looks and how everything holds together. Simple math and physics felt rocket science this time!  I scribble few papers with numbers and made (let’s call it) the blueprint. I felt like I can’t do it! I felt tired and had the willing quit this project.  But then I looked and what I already made… and few apple buns helped me to overcome this 🙂

I haven’t finished the previous section yet. I need to make all the shelves in it. But let’s make the countertop from boards – first! I need to glue them together. And then all the other things!

Now I’m into it again… and I still love it!



24 thoughts on “DIY: Oven & Hob section

  1. I’m so glad you still “love it”. I too find it difficult to get back into a project if I have a break, for any reason. My photo enlarger is still at the bottom of the wardrobe, not where it should be to be useable. And I still haven’t finished the tiling in our kitchen! Of course I now have the perfect excuse – I’m out all day 🙄. I’m agog to see when you’ve finished; as someone else said you are amazing 😵

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    1. Thank you! Get back home and just do it! The sooner you finish it, the sooner you get the satisfaction & maybe tears in your eyes! That is feeling you can’t buy: proud of yourself. You did it!


  2. You’re in the home stretch now. So much is finished already, you must be chomping at the bit to finish. Sorry for all the horse references but it always seems to be a race every time I start a project as big as yours and I cannot wait to finish. I know you can do it. Keep up the good work, I cannot wait to see the finished kitchen and read of all the wonderful comfort foods you will blog about.

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    1. Thank you! Kitchen is MY happy place. Why not to make it 🙂 to feel it better! To sand every inch of your countertop. It doesn’t matter it won’t look like from magazine but – it’s unique, it’s yours! 🙂

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              1. It’s an apartment that I own but I have to pay into a “strata” – group that oversees the whole complex. If I want to renovate I have to apply to the strata for permission

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                1. Interesting! Cause here in Latvia, if you have an apartment you can renovate it but not demolish the walls. Like change color, change tiles, overdo the flooring, etc…


        1. We are living in unfinished / renovated house for 3 years now :). It’s not our house so we can’t finish / decide all the things. We can of course live in other / our house but we can’t find one worth the money in this region at the moment.


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