DIY: Oven & Hob section

It was so hard to get this project going again. I dropped it cause I didn’t know if I’ll get the hob delivered or not also the cut in size was important. I waited for almost 3 months for my hob to be delivered! No, no… I didn’t order something fancy in fact these hobs are so popular that sells out quickly.

At the end, my hob arrived and I needed to quit everything else and start thinking about Oven & Hob section. It was hard! I had to measure everything cause I’ve lost all the notes. Also, I need to think of how this section looks and how everything holds together. Simple math and physics felt rocket science this time!  I scribble few papers with numbers and made (let’s call it) the blueprint. I felt like I can’t do it! I felt tired and had the willing quit this project.  But then I looked and what I already made… and few apple buns helped me to overcome this 🙂

I haven’t finished the previous section yet. I need to make all the shelves in it. But let’s make the countertop from boards – first! I need to glue them together. And then all the other things!

Now I’m into it again… and I still love it!



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