Problem with Kitchen Sink

We have new Stainless steel kitchen sink. That’s good, but since it’s possible to choose the side of the bigger sink to be located you have to tell where to put the hole for the tap when order.


We decided to put the bigger sink on the right and table and smaller sink on the left but they just forgot to make the hole for the tap. This sink was sent to us straight from the manufacturer’s warehouse. We thought we can make the necessary hole using our hole drill that is made to drill the holes in wood and metal. It just didn’t work.


Well, now we have an ugly looking super small hole in our new kitchen sink and we are looking for help and/or drill bit that IS for stainless steel! Brother suggested looking for: Bosch Progressor Holesaws.

Good to know – “for metal” on Progressor package doesn’t mean stainless steel too 🙂


P.S. I hope everything will be OK at the end.


9 thoughts on “Problem with Kitchen Sink

  1. Is there a place near you that does metal work and might be able to make the hole for you? An auto body shop or mechanic might be able to help. There is an auto body shop near us. They do custom work and always advertise that they work on projects other than cars.

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