That Kitchen Sink

Remember that kitchen sink, that came from manufacturers warehouse without a hole for tap?


Guess what! We found the “hole maker” and now it’s ready to be installed in the place… BUT.


There is one BUT. We lost the manual and there are lots of different pipes we need to connect. I made that “art installation that supposes to drain” twice!!! Then I found the instruction… but it didn’t help me a lot. I couldn’t connect all the sinks and overflows with the right pipes. Shame on me! I was close, but then I asked Janis to “deal with that hideosity!”.


While Janis got confused with pipes – I sorted all screws…. I hope to use them soon!!!!

Now… we need one last pipe from sinks “art installation that supposes to drain” to the wall. That’s it! One more! I hope Janis will find it in the store! Tomorrow!


P.S. Does anyone needs to change sink pipes? Ask me!



9 thoughts on “That Kitchen Sink

    1. I guess kitchen sinks are pretty good in struggling people! I didn’t have patient to finish with those pipes. But I’m glad I asked Janis and could sort all the 200 screws 😀


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