All covered in oil

And YES! It’s final – I decide to finish my baking corner (and the rest of kitchen units I’m working on right now) with oil! Oil finish… As you know I already move into my brand new baking corner (I actually never had one before).


And now it’s time to get everything out and get the baking corner out from the corner to cover in oil! From top to bottom! All of it! With the brush.


And after I packed all the things in baskets and boxes I discovered that my untreated wood kitchen unit has a stain on it. Cowberry!


I had cowberries and decide to add to kombucha and that one didn’t quite end in the jug….


Well, I sand it a bit and it’s almost gone.


.. a bit more and it was gone. Finally! Ready to treat my lovely handmade baking corner table and shelves with flax/linen oil.


Good job! Now we have to wait 24 hours to put it back in place and then it’s final! I’m moving in!


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