My newbie blog 1-year-old already!

There is something about my feelings right now…
… I can’t believe how much things have happened this year! ONE year! The first year of this blog that I made a year ago… I can’t express my feelings in English, so I hope to share a few “facts” :). First of all… I’ve started this blog being absolutely miserable newbie mom! Yes, Yes… miserable!
How usually people start a blog? They start with “Hello, my name is…” or at least “Well, this is my first blog post…”. Check my first blog post on this blog! Well!? Miserable (I even didn’t mention my eyelid allergy that started few days before… and…). But for the first time, I wasn’t afraid of being who I am! I’ve started to listen to myself, and started to write… freely! But the best part I’ve looked for a solution gathered my emotions and wanted to deal with “problems” I had. Check my second blog post on the same day!
So today I made a coffee (and Janis brought a cake for breakfast!!) and decide to scroll down my blog post archive… WOW! Emotions overload! Is that my year!? Realy!? By the emotions and amount of “memories”, I would say that it was 2 years or even 3 years of my life! And that was the main reason why I made this blog, to remember a day in the life of a latvian mom.  And there wasn’t a reason for choosing “mom” over “mum” or “mam”. Believe me!
So here I am having a blog with more than 300 blog posts, with about 600 followers, few thousands of comments and way more “likes”… in one year!
Thank you all for accepting me for who I am, loving me, inspiring me, supporting me and being with me! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!


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