It’s been a while! So.. a lot has happened in the past month. Biggest things are: Taking care of MY photo studio, one of three local kindergartens said no to the conveyor style photography company and choose me – basically, give me a chance to try capturing 280 kids in portraits and 13 group photos. I had to make an […]

Happy 35th birthday to me!

This day is special. Special to me. Not because 35 is a big deal to me but because I realize, that self-love and confidence finally have arrived. I don’t know why it took so long!     Being me is the best thing ever! My blogging friend Jodi can tell you, that I’ve been through “few blogs” and “more concepts […]

My newbie blog 1-year-old already!

There is something about my feelings right now… … I can’t believe how much things have happened this year! ONE year! The first year of this blog that I made a year ago… I can’t express my feelings in English, so I hope to share a few “facts” :). First of all… I’ve started this blog being absolutely miserable newbie […]

Celebrating Latvia’s 99 Birthday

Someone made a big surprise and visited us on Latvia’s 99 birthday! Thank you, brother! We had a lovely time together. I made Anthill cake, cause it easy to make and don’t need an oven. I printed Latvia contour and assembled the cake to look like Latvia. Everyone liked it and it wasn’t that hard! Anthills cake is easy to form […]

18th November – Latvia’s Independence Day

18 November is the Independence Day of Latvia — there were no borders set, a group of dedicated nationalists proclaimed an independent Latvian state on this date in 1918. Several months after this courageous step had been made, military interventions still went on — the Russian Empire did not want to lose this important territory. This day is still the most important national […]

Max & Ruby inspired party: Part I

Max & Ruby share just about everything. These two bunnies go through life together and share love, friendship, and playtime. As usual, I started with the theme and date for the party and then made the guest list. After I had the guest list, I made the invitations and send them out. Then I start to think about Menu, Games […]