It’s been a while!

So.. a lot has happened in the past month. Biggest things are:

Taking care of MY photo studio, one of three local kindergartens said no to the conveyor style photography company and choose me – basically, give me a chance to try capturing 280 kids in portraits and 13 group photos. I had to make an offer with different size portrait options, friends photo, group photo, etc. Past two weeks I was capturing kids and groups (only two groups per day – and by “day” I meant from 9AM till 11:30AM – to be sure they aren’t rushed and feel comfortable).

Done with kids. Last day in kindergarten shooting portraits, group and friend photo.

I’ve been working day and night to deal with pictures, to make what they ordered. I work on weekends too and it feels like I run on decaf coffee and sweets. Still, love my job! I love it!!!!!

coffee and sweets

All this time I’ve been trying to stay in ketosis. It wasn’t easy but it’s nothing I can’t start over and over and over again :). Still keto. Lost 10 kg (22 pounds) in 4 months. Keto is the only diet I feel satisfied! Interesting how eating fatty food you lose weight. Have no problems with my ankles and feeling great! Janis also has lost 10 kg and my brother is interested in this diet too. I will go and do a blood test, to be sure everything is OK!

I launched gift cards! Not much to say about this… I knew I need gift cards cause there are those who don’t like photo sessions but are willing to gift them to those who love! Usually husbands to wives πŸ™‚

gift card
I’m happy mother approved this picture of her and son as a gift card picture! Love it!

Next big thing: My mother’s birthday! 65! She is such a hard worker! Been through a lot starting from husband alcoholic,Β poverty,Β  tumor, and even breast cancer! She is in a good shape, living in a small city, loving being outside and walk a lot every day. She is strong. SHE IS STRONG! I love her and hope she will be with us many years more!

This was our celebration with plates from my grandmother, that lived through II war and deportation!

Being in Salacgriva always includes a visit to the sea!

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 11.47.42.png
Somehow I don’t miss it until I see it!!!


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