I had problems in summer solstice 2018 and decide I can’t live like this and I need to change something. I’m famous for changing eating habits every 3 months… but it’s not about that. I have heard about KETO at the end of the year 2017, but then I was on my “sugar-free” journey and … More Keto


It’s been a while! So.. a lot has happened in the past month. Biggest things are: Taking care of MY photo studio, one of three local kindergartens said no to the conveyor style photography company and choose me – basically, give me a chance to try capturing 280 kids in portraits and 13 group photos. … More OMG!

End of July

I was away… I was BUSY (hate that word)! I can’t explain my absence in other words! Maybe CRAZY, RUSHing, MULTITASKing!       Well, that is not why I’m blogging at the moment! Sitting in my kitchen sipping decaf coffee with cream and eating macadamia nuts. And these past weeks (months) was NUTS! Still is! … More End of July