End of July

I was away… I was BUSY (hate that word)! I can’t explain my absence in other words! Maybe CRAZY, RUSHing, MULTITASKing!


Before a photoshoot that was long – whole day! You don’t want to see after 🙂



Well, that is not why I’m blogging at the moment! Sitting in my kitchen sipping decaf coffee with cream and eating macadamia nuts. And these past weeks (months) was NUTS! Still is!


Equipment is here!


I’m opening up my photo studio and it’s not just about spending money and doing nothing. I’ve been shooting photoshoots to improve my skills and communication with my camera, dealing with suppliers – I’m spending money that isn’t mine, so there are few crazy requirements on how the invoice should look, build a wall, electricity,  etc… Then…


Before scrubbing walls…


The studio itself is an old room on the second floor of an old house! It requires restoring. I love that house and be honest when I first saw it – I was dreaming of living there! At that time we lived in Riga, and flat in Gulbene wasn’t an option, but I had that dream WHAT IF… this house was in Riga!? 🙂


In the middle of my STUDIO!


Now, I need to explain something: that house belongs to Janis family! It’s Janis mother’s and sister’s vet clinic and drugstore (for animals)… and that room I was dreaming of was still available for a family member! It was rented out to one lady, but when I started to write project she gladly said – OF COURSE YOU CAN HAVE THIS ROOM! So, here I am.. in the middle of 100 sqm (1076.39 sqft) dreaming about – STUDIO!

It will require a lot of work and patient and DIY solution – cause I don’t have money and I grow up with DIY in my head!

Don’t go away! Please stay with me through these CRAZY times...


AND… it wasn’t enough. I changed the diet too… I was struggling to feel good and get out of bed, so husband suggested KETO and now we having ketogenic diet and living low carb (it doesn’t affect my kids, they eat what they want – ok, I’m not talking about sweets, but real food!). Losing my weight… already! Was 92 kg almost two months ago, then got a terrible virus and after that my weight was 85kg. Then started to eat and get back to 88 kg, now 84 kg! I can’t believe I’m 84 kg. Now my goal weight 79 kg feels so close!


All the time I’m cooking keto dinner I thinking about recipe sharing, but.. not now! I’m busy 🙂

Oh… it turned out to be A LONG POST, sorry for that!



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