More obstacles

So, about my project – the photo studio. Well, I sent 2 days to deal with to get licenses! Usually it’s click -> pay -> done! But not in my case. Life made me an obstacle so big, that I thought – it’s time to give up! But that was for one second in the other part of my brains I was thinking about different scenarios, solutions, etc.

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The problem with was that I bought licenses (I did this before with Illustrator, and there wasn’t a problem) the money in my bank account stayed “Reserved for” and Adobe canceled my purchase! I called the help desk, office in the UK and also my bank to understand the problem… also, find a dealer in Latvia! They said, to try again.. and the second time was the same! Now I had almost 1 500 euros in “Reserved”. Bank will give me back my money in 7 day time, BUT.. told me to buy again, while I’m on the phone with person, who will manually deal with my transactions! But I had no money left in my bank account, all the project money was “Reserved” and I can’t buy from my own account. Another 40 min call to my bank to nicely ask to do “it faster”… after 20 minutes of waiting it was done and I “had” my project money back.

A very nice man pushed all my transactions manually while was on the phone with me (1 hour in total) and now I have everything I wanted: Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom and Acrobat DC…

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…and tooth pain! The gum around the wisdom tooth was itchy and painful. Saturday I said goodbye to my Wisdom teeth that were a bit drunk and growing in the wrong direction. The surgery was about an hour, and now I can’t open my mouth and taking painkillers! I hope I don’t need Antibiotics!

But while the anesthesia was still working I decided to buy membership and make photo studio website using! WELL!? More obstacles! I hope to deal with all that this week and heal quickly!!!




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