Finally, I’m (not) ready to open my photo studio! The Grand (is it?) opening will be on Saturday 25.08.2018 from 11:30 till 15:30. If you are in Gulbene – please visit!

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 13.49.22.png

Most of the things gone wrong, but I feel it meant to be that way! For example, I ordered a big chesterfield sofa and received 3 boxes with just a few parts. I call a supplier and they will call warehouse… I’m afraid it won’t be here for “opening celebration”.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-20 at 13.40.40

Or didn’t measure the floor correctly and end up having to choose few square meters of linoleum in a local shop where isn’t much to choose! (I bought first from the left since the “original” was dark gray and the same pattern (or at least “looks a like”)!

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-20 at 13.40.41

Well.. my tooth surgery ends up with Antibiotics and painkillers for a few weeks and 3 sleepless nights. I felt week and miserable and it took time to recover and continue to work on studio opening.

Ordered BIO-vine from Germany and at least that is already here and I don’t need to worry about that anymore 🙂 I hope all parts of the sofa will be here soon!

Still, a lot to do! Hope to write more after the opening celebration.


28 thoughts on “Opening

  1. Sounds like the prelude to every ‘opening’ I’ve ever done but we have a saying: “it’ll all be alright on the night”, and with you ‘in charge’ I’m absolutely certain it will be. Think of the difficulties you have overcome already, including ‘the tooth’. You’re strong, you’re capable and nothing will stop you. I’m really sorry I’m not able to be with you on the 25th but I will be there in spirit.
    I’m back in internetland now, until 26th August morning, after that intermittently on the way back to UK, so will following any comms from you with interest.

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  2. Go! Go! Go! that is how is will be till the opening throughout the next days, weeks and months but you will persevere, you will be invincible, you got this girl! I feel like we all take a family type pride in you and your success and are wishing you all the best. Just remember, only you will know what didn’t get done so relax on the 25th and enjoy the rewards of all your hard work. Congratulations on your opening. So sad I cannot be there in person but will be sending good wishes for the ultimate success.

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