Gardening: Cabbages & Green House

After getting home from “Fun Project” I cooked a meal for family and then went to “Chestnut Manor” (the name of our “new” house – translated from Latvian) and planted out cabbages (frost – stay away!) I grow from seeds and working on Greenhouse.

Also, don’t know the English term of what father-in-law did in our garden yesterday. But it “refreshes” rows and stops weeds from growing. If you know the word – let me know! You can compare how the rows looked day before, by clicking here.


Our Greenhouse is coming slowly… but surely! Tomato seedlings aren’t happy with that, but once they will be IN they should be happy!


The problem is our soil, especially in the spot where the greenhouse is… clay – lumps of it! Had to dig manure/compost in a wheelbarrow and transport to the greenhouse – 4 wheelbarrows in total just to fill one side of the greenhouse! My back is hurting… Anyway!

You can see the difference in soil just by comparing colours! I hope tomatoes will be happy here!


! Cabbages are planted and tomatoes are waiting inside the greenhouse – getting ready for transplanting. I will let you know what I do next in my garden!

Fingers crossed – all frosts gone!




13 thoughts on “Gardening: Cabbages & Green House

  1. It looks like he went through with a cultivator or harrow and then banked up the rows somehow, maybe using a potato planting machine.
    Think of a cultivator as the fork and then harrow as the rake. More modern tools would have both, cultivator and harrow in one. You can also get a rotovator which does much the same job, chopping everything up to a fine tilth.
    The sooner you get some animals the sooner your soil will improve πŸ™‚

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  2. It looks really impressive but I’m not surprised yiu had back ache after!
    You mention frost but I know you have deer there from time to time. Can you protect from them fiding all your efforts providing a tasty snack?

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    1. I doubt they will come!!!! OMG! Now I’m worried! Yesterday I saw a mama deer and baby near house (Gravas), but they were sleeping in grass.


  3. Here I am again talking about furrows. πŸ™‚ “VagoΕ‘ana” seems to be the word, so might be simple “furrowing”. Maybe You can ask your father in law the proper latvian term and then find a translation.

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    1. I know Latvian name but doubt google translate knows the right answer! Furrowing. Somehow don’t like the “fur” in front of “row”. Confusing πŸ˜€


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