Nelles Birthday

Yesterday was a lovely day with my biggest girl Nelle, who turned 8! EIGHT! Can’t believe!

The day started as planned – with a crown for Nelle and balloons in closet! After that, I and Linna did a photoshoot for the family :). That means Linna took picture of us, and then  I took of Linna and others but the main model was Nelle and apple bloom. I will share those pictures later.

Then I had to go for another Video making session for the fun project. After that, we just took a short drive to a small village almost next to ours… for kid’s playground. Wanna know how big is the playground!? Two swings, one carousel and one seesore! Yes.. that small! And girls were happy anyway!

Nelle and sisters had fun playing in the playground and then we went to a very interesting place, made by a local family and her friend Linda. It’s an artwork – mosaic made from broken tiles, plates, cups, mugs etc.

If you like this on, what while I’ll share the bus stop they made!!!! It’s received an award in category “Kultūrvieta” (Place of culture) in the year 2018.

After all this, we got home and I did some gardening while girls visited grandmother. Planted tomatoes, finally, yeah! And hoed two rows (or furrows) of garden beans (if I remember correctly, the English name is Broad bean. Roger – correct me if I’m wrong!).

I don’t have pictures of the gardening, cause the battery of my phone was empty.

Take care,



10 thoughts on “Nelles Birthday

  1. Broad beans it is!
    What a busy day you had and I’m delighted you had great weather to celebrate Nelle’s birthday. I love the way you find the time to spend with your girls despite your busy life, and the simple ‘treats’ you find for them; many British parents could learn from this and we would not have the mental health problems rife here.
    We have an ‘armchair’ somewhere here similar (Carlisle?) but I think decorated with mosaic tiles not broken pottery – much more creative!
    Those furrows are so straight! Jānis or his dad?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. As Eddy says, you need a horse! 😂 Not only pulling the plough but good fertiliser and soil conditioner at the same time.
        I’m setting a challenge for Jānis: to plough furrows as straight as his Dad.
        Maybe you’d prefer to do it – tractor or horse allowed 😉😉

        Liked by 1 person

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