Nelle is turning 8!

We all know what is Covid19 and also we all know what to do #stayhome! We had an interesting talk with all three girls this January (2020) about what they want for birthdays. We never gave a big present if we made a party. So we talked and we voted, that this year none of the girls will have a birthday party, but they will have bigger presents.

Sounds terrible right? Not? To me it’s terrible! Cause there is nothing better than friends and family.

Nelle. I realise don’t have a recent picture of Nelle! Today is the day to make few new 🙂

Then all the global pandemic started and it was easy, no questions about parties or guests, I guess this year is good for such an experiment.

First was Linna – March 18, no party, just LEGO she wanted. Since Linna is an introverted person she didn’t worried, nor asked about guests and party. I baked a cake and she had to wear a crown for the whole day and she chose how the day goes by. Whether we eat dessert before main, what type of games we should play, etc.

Today is Nelles birthday and still no party, just mobile phone she wanted and also crown for the day. With Nelle, it isn’t that easy and if you ask me, she would love to have a party! But she understands that covid19 isn’t something we want to spread!
So today we are having “just us” party to celebrate Nelles 8th birthday!

Happy birthday, girl, we love you!


13 thoughts on “Nelle is turning 8!

  1. Daudz laimes dzimšanas dienā Nelle!
    I look forward to more pictures!
    How quick they grow up; every second of their childhood is priceless (even the ‘naughty’ spells!)
    I agree completely with your attitude to parties and presents. I believe many of the problems here in society in ‘the west’, including mental health, can be put down to parents (who can afford it) ‘spoiling’ children by spending ridiculously large sums of money on them, often rather than giving them time. This of course affects also the children of parents who cannot afford to do it.

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    1. I agree. And the “best part” is that those parents don’t realise wha they are “growing”. But, it’s not our business :). I let my girls choose between hard things, so they now how does that feels.

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  2. Daudz Laimes Dzimšanas dienā, Nelle! Ericeiras Dzimšanas diena bija 14 Martā un mums nekāda lielā svinēšana nesanāca. Bet to vienmēr var paspēt 🎂🎉💖😊 Mēs dāvanas nekad nepērkam, tā vietā, dodamies piedzīvojumos dabā

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  3. She is getting so big and her hair is so very long. I hope her birthday was memorable. But the best gift of all, Nelle has a wonderful family that loves her and takes care of her. Nice to see you doing the right thing letting the girls choose between difficult things. It will make them better adults and more able to tackle whatever life throws at them i the future.

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    1. Thank you! Sometimes I doubt doing right thing… but that is why we all are different… Different stories, different attitudes, values, etc. Beautiful!


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