Project for fun!

Today I was helping two SMUs* with video making. I’m not a video maker, but I wanted to help and also to try something new.

*SMU is a learning company set up and run by students with an educational nature. SMU performs the functions of a real company for teaching purposes and operates in a real environment – students produce and sell goods or services.


This SMU is making a bench. A park bench. This bench is special. How? It has built-in water wiper! Sweep the raindrops of the bench and use it! 🙂 I hope they will get the opportunity to sell these benches and we can use them in our city parks! A lot to do, but the idea is stunning!

Today we made a video for a competition and I hope they will show that this idea is innovative and useful too!

I hope to share the end result (the video) with you,


8 thoughts on “Project for fun!

  1. It was good to hear about your SMU’s and what a great idea!
    It’s also wonderful to see you blogging regularly again; after all it is how we met what seems a lifetime away and you have become my best and closest friend.
    Why on earth I first picked up on a blog called ‘a day in the life of a Latvian mom’ I can’t imagine, it was probably a recipe as then cooking played quite a part in my blog.
    I realise that you have time to blog regularly only because you have no work in the studio, which is sad, but I’ll be making the best of it!

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    1. No it wasn’t a recipe! It was traveling through Germany. You were traveled to Romania at the same time (or month apart) and I was looking for campsites and you had post about one… 🙂 It’s love triangle: Me, Blog and Studio… and seems that it always will be that way 🙂

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      1. You have a phenomenal memory! Much better than mine nowadays but with your prompt I now remember. I don’t believe anything happens without a reason … …
        As for the love triangle: I think an intruder might have pushed in now – gardening – though for you it might be better to say ‘horticulture’ 🙂

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        1. Horticulture – just googled, love how it sounds and yes, it’s more that then gardening 😀 But i will have garden in manor as well! But not this year 🙂


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