Getting ready for the opening party!

Finally, all the cardboard boxes of studio equipment, buckets with color, used brushes from repair are sorted and out of the studio! Yesterday I washed the floor and this was my first time cleaning such a big room – 107 square meters (1151.74 square feet)! If you ask me I better clean 4 smaller rooms instead! But this will be my everyday work from now on!

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-20 at 13.40.40

Today we need to install tap and sink in WC cause we ordered special made furniture for WC. It matches the furniture in the studio. They all are specially made by “Z&Z Furniture” and will be (more!). I love them!

These are PRO models I didn’t have to direct them 🙂

Now I need to set up studio lights and I’m happy to have three active (even at 10pm!) models with me all the time.

These are PRO models I didn’t have to direct them 🙂

These pictures are far from perfect, but I love them! They show my first “test results” and as an ex-test engineer I love “test results”. Nelle looks weird and Linna is smiling, that isn’t “normal”, she is grumpy all the time! Helmī is cute as always!


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