Getting ready for the opening party!

Finally, all the cardboard boxes of studio equipment, buckets with color, used brushes from repair are sorted and out of the studio! Yesterday I washed the floor and this was my first time cleaning such a big room – 107 square meters (1151.74 square feet)! If you ask me I better clean 4 smaller rooms instead! But this will be […]

My girls’ Namedays

Here in Latvia, we have such thing as Name day. Imagine all the “Latvian” names (it’s not only Latvian, I would say common names in Latvia) are written in the calendar. What about those whose name isn’t written on the calendar. There is also one day (and that is May 22) when those who don’t have names written in the calendar […]

Max & Ruby inspired party: Part III

Saturday morning I made few cake toppers to add to the flower pots I use for decoration. Also, I printed out few coloring pages, Max & Ruby stickers on plain paper to use for party hats that also I finished Saturday morning. Everyone can color a page or make a party hat or mask of Max or Ruby. For ladies […]

Helmī 2nd birthday is coming

Helmī 2nd birthday is coming soon! Helmī was born on 13th of September. I remember that short night! Only 2 hours and she were on my arms. She will be two years old soon! Two! Time flys, indeed! I remember her first birthday, we were celebrating 2 days. On the 13th and 17th of September.  That was Royal! Invitations and all the […]

Daddy’s little helper: Helmī

My little girl Helmī. She is a bundle of joy and the only kid I didn’t have to worry about. She grew up by herself – I didn’t have to sit near her and entertain her like I had to do with Nelle and Linna. She ate well and grow strong. Maybe that was because she is the third and […]