Max & Ruby inspired party: Part III

Saturday morning I made few cake toppers to add to the flower pots I use for decoration.

Also, I printed out few coloring pages, Max & Ruby stickers on plain paper to use for party hats that also I finished Saturday morning. Everyone can color a page or make a party hat or mask of Max or Ruby. For ladies in the picture below are all sisters. Actually, they have one more sister and 4 brothers!

I asked a friend to make Max & Ruby and Helmī was so happy to see Max coming through the door. Everyone else wasn’t that important anymore. Thank you, Lauma for making Max & Ruby and for painting girl’s faces!

And of course, there were food and cakes…. and games.

And most valuable for me – pictures where we all are together!

And in the picture below post-soviet-union women (my mom with the black & white dress and Ilga, Janis godmother) are taking shots of strong alcohol. Alchocol was forbidden in our house & kids parties. Don’t know how it showed up this time, but I didn’t mind. This is how Latvians celebrated in soviet union time and the old habits die hard ;).IMG_20170919_130531_852

The difference from other countries – we are celebrating all together, doesn’t matter if it’s kid’s party or grownups! There is no such thing as celebrating a birthday without mom or grandmother. All invited!

At the end, there were 26 happy faces & 4 cakes! Thank you all for coming!!!





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