Max & Ruby inspired party: Part II

After spending a day to make Max & Ruby inspired birthday garland it was time to start with all the food preparation. I made Uzbek Plov (haven’t made it for 8 years!), Rasols, Crab & Rice salad and bake all the layers for Honey cake.


I was busy while my mom helped with dishwashing and watching over Helmī. Nice! I was so inspired and worked hard running from caravan to home and back. Who knew I didn’t have big enough pot for Uzbek Plov. I made it in two smaller pots: one in Caravan kitchen and other in the house kitchen.


While plov was simmering I cut all the ingredients for the salads. Thanks to mom! She cooked potatoes, eggs, and carrots for the salad in the morning. At the end I was so tired all I wanted was to sit down and don’t think of anything! I tasted the plov and it was so delicious! Since there was plenty of Plov made we eat it for dinner.


After that, I assemble all the hone cake layers together. The cream was simple sour cream with natural jelly candy. It was so easy and I was so inspired that decide to make another cake. Max’s mud and earthworm cake! Sounds yummy, right?!


Called – skudru pūznis (ant nest). It’s so easy to make and I had all the ingredients at home. After 15 minutes and Linna helping me, we had Max’s cake done.


Crazy us, right!? Mom made cake icing for Ruby’s cake and it was only 10pm (sarcasm) and we were done! Ready for the party!


P.S I hope to share all the recipes soon!

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