Max & Ruby inspired party: Part I

Max & Ruby share just about everything. These two bunnies go through life together and share love, friendship, and playtime.


As usual, I started with the theme and date for the party and then made the guest list. After I had the guest list, I made the invitations and send them out. Then I start to think about Menu, Games & Party Theme Decorations.

IMG_20170919_090902_011 After counted all the guests (35 including us and kids) and looked at my poor unfinished kitchen I call my mom with loud “HELP!”. I needed her to be here two days before the birthday to help me with the food preparation and housecleaning! She’s especially good on house cleaning! I didn’t have decorations nor clear “what we gonna do” in my head.


After opening my eyes to the reality (all unfinished renovations) and counting plates (I love porcelain plates and I adore vintage German porcelain! I never use plastic or paper plates… no no no … it’s not my style)… I was in a moderate panic! But one coffee and 15 minutes later I had the bright idea: Cook Uzbek Plov and make Latvian favorite salad Rosols and Rice & Crab salad day before. And bake the cake that looks like the one Ruby is making in the Opening scene.


The hardest part was to make the party “Max & Ruby inspired”. It’s not like you can walk in the shop and by Max & Ruby merchandise here in Latvia! Absolutely not! So.. I had to be creative and do it fast!


As you know I wanted to make the garland in just a few hours and it took me the whole day. I started with the flag design and found “Max & Ruby” characters online…. choose the right font and started with “DAUDZ LAIMES HELMĪ” (I would translate it as “Best Wishes Helmī”… then spending 3 hours on that I was so into the banner flags that I made more flags and end up with the “DAUDZ LAIMES DZIMŠANAS DIENĀ HELMĪ SAULE” (I would translate it as “Happy Birthday Helmī Saule”… One flag for every letter and I added 4 characters to every word… 59 in total!


13 thoughts on “Max & Ruby inspired party: Part I

  1. I’ve been waiting for that post 😃. 35 guests at the children’s party, and porcelain plates. That really is something. From what I see in the pictures I must say I love the interior of your home; Do I surmise correctly it’s built of timber? That is my dream; I say that no matter what the ‘disguise’ (eg cladding) I can sense immediately I walk into a timber house. I’m sure it was a great party and the decorations etc a spectacular. You deserve a much longer rest. 😜🤡

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    1. At the end there were few less. That is timber. Old renovated log house in “all natural” style. Decorative “things” around windows are from tree that grown only 100 meters away from house :).

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        1. Sometimes it happens here in Latvia too! But if you can live anywhere – then Latvia is full of old log houses closer to the border of Russia… All the jobs usually are in the capital city or other 6-8 Latvian bigger cities… None can afford live on the countryside far away from biggest cities…


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