Anthill / Dulce de Leche cake

Cake in just 20 minutes and without cooking!? Have you ever head of Anthill cake? No!? Probably you have another name for this cake or if you really ever heard of it, it time to try it! It easy and it’s delicious! Also, add whatever you like – nuts, raisins, natural jelly candy, etc. Here in Latvia, we are using “Selga” classic […]

Max & Ruby inspired party: Part III

Saturday morning I made few cake toppers to add to the flower pots I use for decoration. Also, I printed out few coloring pages, Max & Ruby stickers on plain paper to use for party hats that also I finished Saturday morning. Everyone can color a page or make a party hat or mask of Max or Ruby. For ladies […]

Max & Ruby inspired party: Part II

After spending a day to make Max & Ruby inspired birthday garland it was time to start with all the food preparation. I made Uzbek Plov (haven’t made it for 8 years!), Rasols, Crab & Rice salad and bake all the layers for Honey cake. I was busy while my mom helped with dishwashing and watching over Helmī. Nice! I […]

Max & Ruby inspired party: Part I

Max & Ruby share just about everything. These two bunnies go through life together and share love, friendship, and playtime. As usual, I started with the theme and date for the party and then made the guest list. After I had the guest list, I made the invitations and send them out. Then I start to think about Menu, Games […]

Max & Ruby Inspired Birthday Garland

As you know my daughters birthday party is coming up. I decide to make an easy printable Max & Ruby Garland while two of three were in the kindergarten. Why Max & Ruby? It’s this birthday’s theme. Helmī really loves Max & Ruby series. And we are watching them in English, cause there is no Latvian option but I also […]

Helmī 2nd birthday is coming

Helmī 2nd birthday is coming soon! Helmī was born on 13th of September. I remember that short night! Only 2 hours and she were on my arms. She will be two years old soon! Two! Time flys, indeed! I remember her first birthday, we were celebrating 2 days. On the 13th and 17th of September.  That was Royal! Invitations and all the […]