Max & Ruby Inspired Birthday Garland

As you know my daughters birthday party is coming up. I decide to make an easy printable Max & Ruby Garland while two of three were in the kindergarten.


Why Max & Ruby? It’s this birthday’s theme. Helmī really loves Max & Ruby series. And we are watching them in English, cause there is no Latvian option but I also believe that they will learn languages easily if start by watching kids movies.


Back to Garland. I found Max and Ruby pictures on Treehouse and used them in the birthday invitations and also in this garland. I made the shape of flags and used the same background I did in the invitations. Matching garland … u know :).Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 22.12.15

Decide to make one-sided flags cause they will be hung on the wall! So… here we go. Printing, cutting and gluing flags on the string.


Love my Scotch Advanced Tape Glider! It’s easy to apply and remove. Perfect for garland making. One side Max and Ruby Inspired Garland is DONE. Took me only, what, all day!

Nelle & Linna loved my “all day” Max & Ruby inspired garland! And I do too! But you should wait while the birthday party is on to see it fully!





9 thoughts on “Max & Ruby Inspired Birthday Garland

  1. So creative as usual … and you always seem to have exactly the right tool for the job. I’m sure you’re right about the girls learning English. When I first was teaching English in Romania – at the time a second language for most educated adults was French – my primary school students often knew more English than my high school students; they had learned it from Cartoon Network.

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