Paw Patrol and Nelles birthday

My little Nelle will be 6 next Monday, but we will have an early celebration on this Saturday! Only five days left till Nelles party and I have no “idea” how to make a Paw Patrol themed party for her without having Paw Patrol party supplies in the closest shops. So, I wasn’t planning to buy any Paw Patrol decoration, […]

Caravaning – Vinyl flooring

This summer we will be caravaning around Latvia. But first things first. I upgraded our caravan to be more like for us – two grownups and 3 kids under 6 years. Our flooring was carpet and it wasn’t easy to clean! Now it’s Vinyl flooring! It is easy to clean and it was easy to install. Actually, I didn’t install […]

Max & Ruby Inspired Birthday Garland

As you know my daughters birthday party is coming up. I decide to make an easy printable Max & Ruby Garland while two of three were in the kindergarten. Why Max & Ruby? It’s this birthday’s theme. Helmī really loves Max & Ruby series. And we are watching them in English, cause there is no Latvian option but I also […]

Helmī 2nd birthday is coming

Helmī 2nd birthday is coming soon! Helmī was born on 13th of September. I remember that short night! Only 2 hours and she were on my arms. She will be two years old soon! Two! Time flys, indeed! I remember her first birthday, we were celebrating 2 days. On the 13th and 17th of September.  That was Royal! Invitations and all the […]

First two suitcases packed!

Yesterday evening was sunny and so does this morning. Girls wanted to pack her summer clothes for our caravan trip. And I realize that it would be easier for me if something will be washed, ironed and packed already! Less cloth for girls to wear now (they like to change cloth 5 times per day and somehow they gets dirty!). […]

Getting ready: cleaning treiler / caravan

This is THAT day! Finally, we can’t wait any longer and decide to bring our caravan home to clean it up and start to install solar panels on the roof and move in. Here is the video how it looks inside and my feelings…. [youtube] It was easy to clean… it wasn’t dirty and it’s about ~8 square meters!!! […]

Washing machine for camper/trailer

We are getting ready for our travel trailer trip and that includes – washing machine, that would be suitable for using in the trailer. The washing machine was the first thing that came up in my mind when Janis asked to think about things we have to buy. For the family, without children, this would be something unnecessary, but for […]

Happy Mail Day #1

We are getting ready for our FFTTTTE (First Family Travel Trailer Trip Through Europe… I should change it to Trailer Trip!)… That includes buying some books for me and girls. I ordered few cook books for me and activity books & cards for girls from in a case of rainy days or long drives! I hope there won’t be much rainy days […]