Washing machine for camper/trailer

We are getting ready for our travel trailer trip and that includes – washing machine, that would be suitable for using in the trailer.

The washing machine was the first thing that came up in my mind when Janis asked to think about things we have to buy. For the family, without children, this would be something unnecessary, but for us, it is must have.


Ok. Some say I just need a washing board and bowl… and that’s a good idea except I can’t wash clothes by hand. I’m dealing with eczema on my hands right now. And water is something my hands can’t stand, especially soapy water for more than few minutes.

Now I start more than 7 washing machines per week and our task would be to reduce dirty clothes… that means… actually I don’t know how to do that! We won’t take all the clothes with us…. but still, there are beddings and towels and girls clothes… and our too!

I know that in trailer parks it’s possible to buy washing machine time. But it won’t work with us… we would like to stay in remote areas or in the parking places.

So we bought a washing machine (LEISURE DIRECT PORTABLE 230V MINI WASHING MACHINE). That uses water and electricity! What a surprise (giggling)! OK, water shouldn’t be a problem and if Janis put solar panels on the roof of the trailer the electricity shouldn’t be a problem either.

For a review of our washing machine, you should wait until we start our trip 🙂 .. or should I try doing laundry for a week with this little guy right now at home?


P.S. Image credit: motorguarduk


9 thoughts on “Washing machine for camper/trailer

  1. This is really awesome to know about your preparations 👍🏼 This thing is absolutely new for me ! Loved this mini washing machine idea 💡

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