I lost my grandmother (dad’s mother) 15 years ago and another one (mom’s mother) 14 years ago… I remember how sad it was for me. I was a teenager.

Janis had both grandmothers until Tuesday… His mom’s mother passed away on February 21, 2017. She was on the bed since the end of December 2016.

The funeral was yesterday. This week was slow and sad. It’s time to move on.


19 thoughts on “Grandmother

  1. I wish I could have known my Latvian grandparents, but they passed away many years ago when it was not possible to visit Latvia. I have been to the cemetery where they are buried and we put my mums ashes next to them.

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  2. I didn’t feel that I should put like underneath this sad message. Should I? It feels that I like that you have lost some people who you care about. Anyway, we realize how short is the life with everybody’s passing. It is always sad, it always feel that something got cut off.
    Ilze, I’m writing about life matters in my secondary blog
    It has little visibility since it’s secondary, and that is WordPress fault because they allow to have 1 account and more than 1 blogs, so, something has to suffer.

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  3. Prayers for those gone, you and your family. I have encountered two deaths in January. I’m in shock, still. Both were unexpected.. sudden. I am slowly coming to the realities of the path of birth, experiences in life and the paths of death. Let’s be faithful and strong. Our lives are not our own.

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