500 posts already!

500 posts! 500 memories! This was a surprise that came up in my notification list yesterday! I’m not following numbers on my blog, so it’s always a nice surprise 🙂 Feeling good. Can’t wait to share another 500! Ilze

Big Cat

I love this cat! I love how big he is! I asked if I can take a picture of him to show to my followers. He didn’t say anything so I think he don’t mind 🙂 He is only two years old and he was rescued when he was 5 months old. Last summer he was lost for the whole month […]

5th Anniversary!

Today I was surprised to find out that I’ve been blogging for five years (with this account)! I’ve been through a lot of changes, doubts, and dramas, also dreams, perfections and struggles! I’ve lost myself…because of blogging! One year and four months ago I’ve started THIS blog (latvianmom.com). This blog is who I am! I might be a professional in […]

Business Plan…What a day!

It was a crazy day! I finished my Bussiness plan – that is GOOD news! Nelle will have a doctor appointment tomorrow – she isn’t having temperature and feeling good! Jumping around, having fun in the sun – today we had 20C (that is hot for spring here in Latvia)! Now… I use my Canon Pixma printer almost every day. […]

Marley in a window

There are a few things that happened in the life of our Marley. First, at the end it’s boy. We are living in the countryside and Marley can easily go out and have fun, but he never wants. Few times we took him out, while we are out and he hides under porch… So, one morning I sat down the breakfast […]

Perfect dress for me

Six years ago I was so unhappy! The reason was – I ordered the dress that looked so good in the internet shop. Read the review and it said, that I need to order one size bigger. I was UK 12 at the time and I ordered UK 14 but somehow it came UK16! It was too big! Offtopic: here in Latvia […]

Jigsaw puzzle #2

I found the pictures of another puzzle I did over weekend! So, actually, we started with 500 piece puzzle on Friday night and continue with two big 1000 piece puzzles. Three puzzles in total 🙂 Ilze

Jigsaw puzzle

All weekend I spent puzzling. I thought I had both puzzles captured before I put them back in boxes… but not. I have a lot to do so I tried not to think about it all weekend. Instead I put two 1000 pieces puzzles together… and for the first time in ages my weekend was so short. I’m afraid that […]