Manuscript… where is it!?

We had an interview for the local magazine. So. I waited for the manuscript so I can help with IT terminology. Redactor is a middle age woman that don’t know anything about computers (that’s what she said when heard that i’m also from THOSE). So.. I waited.. and waited… and today Janis gave me the newspaper. Oh, that was surprise! Without a manuscript approved from our side!? Oh, well… Our story is in two pages and have 3 pictures… and they aren’t black and white.

I saw a headline in the front page and … it’s no true… OK, it doesn’t matter I said to myself. Let’s open up page 8 and read… It was surprising for me too!

There where lot’s of “mistakes”. Now I now all those things, that I didn’t know before! About me!!!! Likewp-image-122034355jpg.jpg:

  • Me saying:”I’m an Internet guru (What’s that!??) and I have studied that and even have degree!”
  • Our daughters name is Nellī not Nelle as we thought all the time 🙂
  • Janis is working in “Rigas firm” (firm is a small company – 20 people, maybe). instead he is working in IT software and service company providing IT and product engineering services.
  • And the headline. I don’t know how to translate it, but it says that I had short-relationship with co-worker (like one night stand!!!) that some have turns out as a family. Sick.
  • And the story ends with me saying: “Now I know that Janis WAS the RIGHT choice!” I never say something like that! I never ever use word “right choice!” for relationship…

And now I can say… redactors in local magazines may be a professionals and write in correct Latvian language, but amateurs like me never change the story… and will always ask permission/check before publish. It feels like I’m in yellow press! 🙂 But honestly, we laughed!

This is her attitude. Well, let it be. And that gives me idea to write our story here… for you to know and for me to remember 🙂


P.S. The pictures with us you can find in the local magazines homepage. And.. Yes, we are air drying our laundry!

P.S. I won’t post this resume in Latvian blog.

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