From 6:03 till 7:41

This was super nice and relatively quiet in our house tonight. Only Helmī was crying from 6:03am till  7:41am. I can’t get back to sleep anymore….


Long story short. Janis is super-dad! He spends all his “free” time together with them. Paying, tickling and doing some “kids aero yoga” (that’s how I call it!). They have such a good time together and girls usually want more. He is working from home (upstairs) and sometimes when he comes down for a cup of coffee or a glass of water. If the girls see him – he can’t get back upstairs without 5 minutes tickling or hugging. When he have to be in Riga (200km away from us) I’m having a hard time. The better dad, the harder for mom to stay home alone with kids. I’m happy about that!


I remember from my childhood: I was super happy (relieved!!!) when my dad went out. Yes went out! He wasn’t good or loving dad. He was an alcoholic…

I’m blessed my girls is having a loving dad! 


P.S. Image credit: George Marks/Getty Images

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