Poor sleep

Okey…. I can’t sleep for two night already. “What is wrong with me!?” I asked myself. I’m having a poor sleep. I had no idea until this morning!   I woke up feeling tired already. What is wrong!? Maybe our caravan is parked in the “bad” place!? I started to think about what’s changed in … More Poor sleep

From 6:03 till 7:41

This was super nice and relatively quiet in our house tonight. Only HelmÄ« was crying from 6:03am till  7:41am. I can’t get back to sleep anymore…. Long story short. Janis is super-dad! He spends all his “free” time together with them. Paying, tickling and doing some “kids aero yoga” (that’s how I call it!). They have such a … More From 6:03 till 7:41

Up till 5am

Sometimes being a mom means you have to be up at night and you can’t sleep in a day either. After 4 years of being mom, it’s getting harder and harder… But tell me why I couldn’t  fall asleep last night!? Girls were sleeping! All of them were!! No need for me till 7:40am… but I … More Up till 5am