Up till 5am

Sometimes being a mom means you have to be up at night and you can’t sleep in a day either. After 4 years of being mom, it’s getting harder and harder…

But tell me why I couldn’t  fall asleep last night!? Girls were sleeping! All of them were!! No need for me till 7:40am… but I couldn’t fall asleep until 5am (last time I checked) … It wasn’t one of those full moon night! My girls do sleep less when there’s a full moon… or constantly wakes up… But not this time. It was me… sitting in the kitchens arm chair (called “moms chair” and I own prior right to sit there) and trying not to think about anything…

Drinking tea and browsing Instagram… found one nice Internet shop… and already forgot the name of it…

And this morning wasn’t that bad thanks to my husband who woke up Nelle (4) and Linna (2), dressed them up and drove to the kindergarten… his decision, not mine! They were on holiday since Christmas… We do have a lot of time together! And I loved it, but today I think it’s better that way…

Helmī Saule slept till 10am and after a short talk to the doll in her crib, she decides to be a super cute girl and sleep in for one more hour! I’m blessed!! I woke up 11:20 am

now it’s 1:00pm and HelmĪ is playing with her dolls and I’m writing a blog post without coffee. Is it time for breakfast or should I start a lunch?


P.S. My mom is coming (by 2 buses and spending 8 hours in total on the way) to help!! It’s big! I love my mom! And I should do a story about her later….

P.S. Photo from Getty Images

6 thoughts on “Up till 5am

  1. Oh I love reading about your day Ilze! Sorry no sleep, but how blessed you are to have your husband’s help and mom on the way. Oh how fun this is going to be to get to know my sweet latvian “daughter” 🙂 and friend better!!! xo

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