Surviving the day after a restless night

For me, it’s surviving… After the nights like this (and those mornings when you woke up at 5am and can’t fall asleep anymore) I defiantly don’t drink a coffee. Why?

First things first. I got several panic attacks few month ago. That was my first time but my husband suffered from panic attacks 10 years ago (We are together a bit more than 7 years). He ends up in a hospital… get cured. I have to say, he was only 22 years old! I was super shocked and worried when he got his panic attack (first since we are together) four years ago. I didn’t know how to help nor how he felt! He took his smartphone and run out of the apartment. I worried about him, Nelle was 4 months old and didn’t sleep… and all I can do was call him and ask if he’s getting better. He was fine and after a short run, he was back with us.. I can’t understand: feeling terrible and have to go for a run?!
I had one 3 months ago! It is exactly as Janis (husband) described…. have to get away, go for run.. except I was too scared to run without him. My mother was with as in that day, so we went outside… in the dark and rain. I run… I walked… Janis holds my hand and I was afraid. Afraid to die!
I had panic attacks more often…. 3 time per week was the lowest point of my health.
I start to ask myself – what’s wrong with me? What I did before panic attacks got me!? I found out, that my panic attacks start after insomnia! Sleepless nights…
and if I drink coffee (I’m afraid to try matcha too) more likely I’ll have panic attacks.

I never had panic attacks after a good night sleep! That is the most important thing to stay healthy!

How I survive the day after a restless night:

  • I start my day right away after awakening.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Have a light breakfast (the same with other meals).
  • Don’t drink coffee – all day.
  • Limite sugar intake.
  • I do all important things right away.
  • Get outside. Have some fresh air.
  • If it’s possible to take a nap.
  • I don’t stay in dark spaces.

My last panic attack was around this Christmas. I was super busy to create perfect Christmas for my perfect family ;). Soon I realize that my family won’t be perfect without me in it!

Calm down and be healthy,


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5 thoughts on “Surviving the day after a restless night

  1. Oh sweetie! I have experienced those a few times in my life years ago, and it is scary! I’m glad you have a good support system around you and have figured out triggers and strategies to avoid. No perfection needed at Christmas or in life! Just live and enjoy and do your best! You are so right – your “perfect” family will not be “perfect” if you are not healthy and around to be with them! Take care Ilze! Hugs!

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    1. Thank you, Jodi! We all have to find our “perfect”. At the beginning we always go for “perfect” that comes from others. As a guideline – it should be this un that. I’m 33 and now I can say. I don’t care if there is dirty dishes in sink… they wasn’t there 15 minutes ago (!!!).. They can stay few hours. It’s fine with me. My moms house is always perfect and everything so clean. But that’s a different story!

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