CousCous with Garlic dip for breakfast

Yesterday I had enormous breakfast (don’t know why I thought 1 cup uncooked CousCous is OK for 2, it’s not)! There was too much couscous and since it was delicious, I ate it all! Yes, all that BIG breakfast portion of couscous :). I know that oats are better but I can’t eat oatmeal all the time. Also, I don’t like sweet […]

Rainy days – walk

It’s been raining here in Latvia. I feel how changes our routine… time spend outside now is spend inside. Walks get shorted and fewer. I don’t like it! We all need to go outside and have a walk to be awake and in movement! Movement is life, health, and happiness. Life without movement stagnates and declines. It’s hard to push everyone out in such […]

Unused Medicine

Finally, I did it! I opened my “first aid” box and took out all the medicine boxes with an expired date! Before I got pregnant (~10 years ago) I didn’t think about the cause of illness, I deal with the results of it. So did my family doctor. I used pills and liquids, emulsions and steroid ointments without any clue! I […]

Maca & Cacao drink or Macachino

Macachino. So, what is Macachino (in my family!)? It’s a super drink I choose when I’m not in the mood for coffee… and it happens very often lately! I used to drink coffee two times per day. White american coffee (I didn’t know there is coffee and american coffee until I asked for coffee in Italia) with extra milk and foam. […]

Surviving the day after a restless night

For me, it’s surviving… After the nights like this (and those mornings when you woke up at 5am and can’t fall asleep anymore) I defiantly don’t drink a coffee. Why? First things first. I got several panic attacks few month ago. That was my first time but my husband suffered from panic attacks 10 years ago (We are together a bit […]