Unused Medicine

Finally, I did it! I opened my “first aid” box and took out all the medicine boxes with an expired date!


Before I got pregnant (~10 years ago) I didn’t think about the cause of illness, I deal with the results of it. So did my family doctor. I used pills and liquids, emulsions and steroid ointments without any clue! I was blinded by my family doctor, that have no idea what to do… I was only 20 years old when I was diagnosed Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). 22 years old – Dyshidrotic Eczema. And when I got pregnant they found out that my body does not absorb iron… and I can’t remember what else! Anemia! Extremely low vitamin D… always tired, problems with sleep.

The family doctor wrote more pills and multivitamin complex (!). Then one day I realize that I have to take 5 pills 3 times a day. I was 29! 29! Pregnant! Mom to be!!floradix

I quit it! I did a research and found Floradix for my Iron problems. It’s all natural tonic that contains iron. As it is natural it’s easier to absorb.  Before I started to use Floradix I used tothema ampoules and there were no results. Still, low on iron and had anemia. After three weeks of using Floradix, my blood tests were shocking! No more anemia!  Everything back to normal. Floradix was my friend also after Nelle was born – for the breastfeeding time too. And of course more natural cures since then.

Now, I’m the mom of 3 and I choose to live more natural less medicine. I always start with a homeopathic approach like my grandmother did.  And it turns out that we don’t need medicine that often.

Now I have bag full of pills to recycle. I found out, that there are the lists of those pills you can flush but I’ll bring them back to the pharmacy they should have a container for expired pills. I don’t wanna to harm the Mother Nature. This is the soil we are using, this is the water we are drinking and the air we are breathing. It’s important to recycle.. and do it the right way!



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