Rainy days – walk

It’s been raining here in Latvia. I feel how changes our routine… time spend outside now is spend inside. Walks get shorted and fewer. I don’t like it! We all need to go outside and have a walk to be awake and in movement! Movement is life, health, and happiness. Life without movement stagnates and declines.

It’s hard to push everyone out in such a weather but I’m trying my best even in cloudy & rainy days!

Do your best to feel alive&energized and healthy!


30 thoughts on “Rainy days – walk

  1. Super pictures Ilze. I quite agree, we must ‘get out’ whatever the weather. It’s raining cats and dogs here (do you know that expression? My students in Romania loved to learn those quirky terms we use here in the UK. Not much walking for me today; to the hospital for some bloodletting. Have a lovely day in the rain.

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  2. Great pictures! It’ll be nice if you take pictures all winter for us to see the weather in Latvia. I’m sure the snow will be spectacular.

    The short dark days really get to me. I lived in Germany when I was a young Mother like you and I would take my family out for walks no matter what the weather was like – the body needs the natural sunlight.

    We have short days here too – but so far this year – odd warm weather.


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  3. Don’t seem to be able to reply on your comment so answering your questions in a new comment. Bloodletting is an old fashioned term from when it was believed that taking out of some of your blood was a cure for a number of maladies. Often leeches were used to suck out the blood. I used it frivolously; I have to have blood tests regularly in advance of seeing the consultant and I’m seeing him tomorrow. I usually call the lovely ladies who take the blood Dracula 😜. Usually I go early morning but could not today so I’ve been making bread (my normal one) to fill in the time. I may well post about it later.


      1. Oh I wish we had that here! I am in Vancouver, Canada and our students go out just for lunch and a break, though my teaching partner and I try to take them out at least one other time during the day:)

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