Poor Little Linna!

My poor little Linna is ill! Yesterday I came back from a photoshoot and saw Linna and knew she is ill! She was 39.6┬░C yesterday late at night! It’s high! Very high! I know that others give medicine to get the temperature down, but I don’t. I believe that the high temperature is better than medicine. An immune system is […]

Beautiful Christmas Morning (Part 2)

Yesterday I’ve shared beautiful pictures of our Christmas morning.┬á I will share few more… I’m glad I postpone breakfast for everyone and run outside with the camera. I was a bit selfish but not all the guests and family were up… so… not feeling that guilty ­čÖé So beautiful! Ilze

Beautiful Christmas Morning (Part 1)

We woke up to a beautiful view on the Christmas morning. Mother Nature really knows how to decorate ­čÖé I thought I┬áwill write something more about this morning but going through the pictures… there is no need for words. Enjoy. I hope to share more┬ápictures later on… Ilze

Spruce cone in electricity pole

Remember that spruce cone in the top part of the electricity pole I write a few days ago!? I watched that pole ever since! And guess what I have the answer! I know who put that cone there and WHY!! Glad I watched that pole ever since… It was none┬áother than… Great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos major)!!! Beautiful! Isn’t he? Do […]

First Snow & First Time

Good morning everyone! Good morning Mother Nature! The first snow is here! It doesn’t look like┬áit stays┬áfor long. BUT the fact that snow is here – is registered here on my┬áblog. With the snow, our friends showed up for the first time this season. All girls staying home today and we will have breakfast in candlelight! We are so happy […]

Beautiful Autumn Evening

I had my walk a few days ago and I took my camera with me! First autumn frosts are here but I had lucky to capture the autumn colors just before it! This was a lovely autumn evening with the sun, clouds and yellow leaves. This is how Latvia looks in autumn. And I love it! Beautiful autumn colors: not […]

Day out: Stameriena / Stameriena Castle

My bestie D┼żeina called me and offered to drive me for a walk. A little off-topic: I have a driving license for a year now but I’m too scared to drive. I’m not driving. D┼żeina has a driving license for almost 10 years now and finally, she isn’t scared and she is ready to┬ádrive wherever we want! So this was […]

Rainy days – walk

It’s been raining here in Latvia. I feel how changes our routine… time spend outside now is spend inside. Walks get shorted and fewer. I don’t like it! We all need to go outside and have a walk to be awake and in movement! Movement is life, health, and happiness.┬áLife┬áwithout┬ámovement┬ástagnates and declines. It’s hard to push everyone out in such […]