Forest walk

Do you remember this picture from the post a few days ago?!IMG_20170917_153811_804

I love it! In that Sunday we had walked in the forest to charge our batteries and I forgot to share more of those lovely pictures. So, here you go!

Helmī and Linna were sleeping in the car while Janis was working beside the car. I and Nelle had a lovely walk in the woods!


18 thoughts on “Forest walk

  1. Beautiful pictures Ilze; I especially like the one of Nelle, she could indeed be watching fairies. We went for a walk yesterday but I can’t call the place ‘forest’, that means something big. Where we were in the Washburn valley I’d call ‘woods’. We have a lot of woods around, I spent much of my childhood in two of the, but would have to go a little bit further to walk in a forest. Not today; it’s ‘raining cats and dogs’ 😜

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      1. Too true. Until recently photography was a major hobby for me but for some reason I’ve lost interest other than pix for blogs and FB. So now I usually take just the iPad; it’s much more convenient just to lift the pictures from ‘photos’ which is what I’ve done for the past few months.

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