Candle Chandelier

I was screaming loudly and running like crazy when I saw this candle chandelier in one of my favorite shop of used/vintage things from Germany! Yes, from Germany! I don’t know why actually I have an idea, but a lot of used and vintage shops getting their stuff from Germany! I love buying pre-loved stuff, like old armchairs and vintage vitrines/cupboards. In that small shop, I bought vintage cotton damask tablecloth for 1 euro! Yes, for 1 EUR!


This time, this candle chandelier was hanged in the darkest corner of that small shop! And it was hanged there for 3 weeks! Can you believe that – it’s was there for 3 weeks! I only needed to spend 2 seconds in that shop to see it! The shopgirl was surprised when I said – I want it and I don’t want to mention her look on the face when I start to shout “I want that! I want that!” and running closer to the candle chandelier like there would be five people who want that old and dusty chandelier and the one who runs first will get it!

No! I was the only person in that shop! But still, I felt like I need to be fast :). A few minutes later this candle chandelier was in the back of the car.

I don’t know the prices for such things in other parts of the world, but here (after I’ve been seeking them for 3 years!) 15 euros is cheap! No?

Wait until I clean and hang it in my kitchen!!!




16 thoughts on “Candle Chandelier

  1. 😂😂I’m not surprised, it will go perfectly in your home from what I’ve seen. And, if you often have the power cuts you described recently, very useful. I like old things too – including about 40 cameras and at least double that number of lenses. In fact very little in our home was bought ‘new’.

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    1. Thank you, grumpytyke! Now I need to figure out how to install it to the ceiling since it’s old beams covered with boards. I can see where nails are in straight line there should be beam 🙂 I hope! 40 Cameras and lenses! Oh my, oh my! Do you have a blog post about your collection!?

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      1. I can do better than a post, I have a blog about my interest in photography but I haven’t posted to it for a long time. It’s still live though. You can see it at:
        The header picture is displayed randomly each time the blog is opened from several showing various cameras in my collection, but not all, and there are several posts about different cameras, almost all film cameras which I much prefer to digital (but not practical for regular posting on blog or eg the daily journal I kept on FB for our recent trip to Romania nor for work when I was employed).
        I hope you find it interesting. I keep on promising to sell some of the collection, almost all of which are used to take photos, not just for display. I’ve even sorted out several ‘to sell’ but have always chickened out. I daren’t go into shops selling classic cameras anymore; we have two good ones close by so that’s difficult. 😜

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        1. I’m impressed! Maybe you don’t need to sell them? Or if you do, need to sell them all at once 😀 by leaving only one and few lenses! To me, it sounds like my relationship with vintage porcelain :). I daren’t go into shops selling them!

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        1. Don’t be, Jodi! I guess I grew up with real candles everywhere and I know that if you are present with the moment everything will be ok! Don’t leave candles unattended. The Chandelier will be hanged on the ceiling (above the table). Away from children!

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