Reusable cup

Finally, I bought the reusable coffee cup/mug or whatever it’s in English!! I had stainless steel bottles for water. Fill up and never buy bottled water again.

I thought we don’t need a reusable cup for coffee cause we are drinking our coffee at home and don’t take the coffee with us. BUT!


I don’t know how it happened but past month we are drinking coffee in the car while driving to the bakery to by few buns… DON’T say anything! I know the answer. My kitchen isn’t finished yet! And it looks like won’t be for a while…


I love the idea, that we are driving somewhere for the walk (we are living in a countryside and we have favorite places to walk, but sometimes you want something different, like another forest or old houses, manors etc) and have coffee with us.

We found fairly good takeaway coffee in Gulbene but it is too strong for me so I prefer to drink my own! Now in the beautiful ceramic coffee mug!



17 thoughts on “Reusable cup

  1. We drink coffee only first thing in the morning so use our insulated mugs (beaker would be another correct word) only when camping. You say you don’t like bought coffee because it’s too strong. We don’t like it because it’s too weak! (Romanians drink very strong coffee). The china mug looks super; I’m not surprised you were attracted to it.

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    1. 🙂 I can’t drink strong coffee – my heart starts to jump and my hands will shake. I’m drinking lightly coloured milk – as my mom describes it! I’m using small Bialetti espresso maker and share the coffee with Janis. And add tons of frothed milk :). We thought of buying coffee maker but there is no need!

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      1. In fact I no longer drink coffee in the morning, I gave it up when I became ill 3 (?) year ago (though I did while camping on our recent trip as it was easier just to make just one drink); I’ve reverted to tea now. I make coffee for P though, Romanian style.
        I presume you live not too far from Gulbene; I’ve been wandering through images and must say it looks a pleasant and interesting town – some super buildings, steam trains, palaces, etc (in fact it seems to be the name of a ‘county’, not just town).
        I was also wandering through the ‘related posts’ thrown up by ‘coffee’ and found one about panic attacks. So glad you found what caused them. I’ve never had one but they must be very frightening.

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        1. Oh… you brought up memories! Actually now I know when those panic attacks might come and I do my best to change how I feel. Sometimes it’s hard to simply run out and take a walk. (I have 3 small kids to take care, I can’t leave them!) But most of the times Janis can manage to come downstairs and take over the duties! I don’t like Gulbene… it feels like there’s nothing to see or do. But that’s in my head! People love that one and only steam train and that’s only entertainment Gulbene offers. There is no such things as picnic places, walking tails, river or lake with view! There are forests and good views, but even in tourism info center they don’t know anything about them. We found them by ourselves 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Jodi! I love it and I love the fact that it is reusable and plastic free too. The lid is silicon that isn’t the best option… but the only option I had since all the takeaway mugs are made with such lid.

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