Delicious Milk-Cap / Woolly Milk-Cap

Delicious Milk-Cap on the left / Wooly Milk-Cap on the right

Woolly Milk-Cap (Lactarius torminosus )

First of all, it was very interesting to hear the opinion from a fellow blogger (from another country) of being crazy eating woolly milk-cap f. I didn’t know it is poisonous! I need to google to believe it! And this is what I found in Wikipedia:

The intensely peppery taste of the raw mushroom can blister the tongue if sampled in excess. Some authors have reported the species as outright poisonous, or causing “mild to fatal gastroenteritis”. Despite these reports of toxicity,  L. torminosus  mushrooms are prepared in Finland, Russia, and other northern and eastern European countries by parboiling, soaking in brine for several days, or pickling, after which it is valued for its peppery taste.

What can I say, I’m the one who cooks and stores for winter these wild poisonous mushrooms!


Wooly Milk-Cap on top. Few Delicious Mik-Cap can be seen under.



Since I know the fact that they are poisonous I don’t know if I’ll eat them this year, but I cooked, soaked and salt them for winter like my mom did, and her mom and her mom… etc.

Delicious Milk-Cap (Lactarius deliciosus )


Delicious Milk-Cap family


On the other hand, looking information about Delicious Milk-Cap, that looks kind of similar to Wooly milk cup I found this:


Orange “milk” on hands from Delicious Milk-Cap


Delicious Milk Cap (Lactarius deliciosus) commonly known as the saffron milk cap and red pine mushroom. Edible, highly prized in Europe, but much less so in North America where it tends to be grainy and a little bitter (could be varietal or growing condition differences).  The “milk” or latex in this milk cap is an orange color. Bruises green. Common and native to Europe and North America. Found under conifers.

Delicious Milk-Cap can be salted and eaten after few hours on toast or fry in oil with onions.

Delicious Milk-Cap on the left / Wooly Milk-Cap on the right

I have already been looking for these delicious Delicious Milk-Caps everywhere! Very tasty and easy to cook.






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