Sunday Special

Finally, I’m in the RIGHT mood! MY mood! The mood I remember being in – the mood that has written “Ilze” all over it! On Sunday I took out one of my vintage Damask (and by Damask I mean Damask cotton) tablecloth and served soup in a terrine to mine family. Yes, that’s MY mood! The RIGHT mood I’ve been missing […]

Vintage Candle Chandelier

If you follow me you might recall that I bought an old/vintage candle chandelier! We hung it in the kitchen/dining! Hurray! We already had dinner in the candlelight! It is as I wanted! Realy! Beautiful, romantic, rustic, useful and heartwarming! It’s pity I can’t find the right angle for the picture to show all the beauty of this candle chandelier! […]

Candle Chandelier

I was screaming loudly and running like crazy when I saw this candle chandelier in one of my favorite shop of used/vintage things from Germany! Yes, from Germany! I don’t know why actually I have an idea, but a lot of used and vintage shops getting their stuff from Germany! I love buying pre-loved stuff, like old armchairs and vintage […]

Old Shelf – New Life!

We have an old shelf (like really old – almost 60 years) that was used for storing grocery jars like flour, rice, sugar, etc. Now it’s time to clean it, sand it and finish with flax oil. I can’t imagine such an old shelf always being natural to finish with lacquer. Before: It’s time for the shelf to shine. To […]

Grandma’s tea set

I love this tea set and I use it very often. I adore vintage porcelain especially from Bavaria region (Germany). I would buy them all if I had enough space to store… but who actually need 1000 different plates and coffee sets 🙂 This set that is made in Riga, Latvia in Soviet Union times is special to me. It’s from my […]