Grandma’s tea set

I love this tea set and I use it very often. I adore vintage porcelain especially from Bavaria region (Germany). I would buy them all if I had enough space to store… but who actually need 1000 different plates and coffee sets 🙂


This set that is made in Riga, Latvia in Soviet Union times is special to me. It’s from my grandmother. And I have my childhood memories of this tea service. As a kid I can’t teach it or drink out of it, it was special for special occasions. And the reason for that was Soviet Union times when you had money but you can’t buy anything. The shops were empty. People use to stand in long lines before the shop opens and not knowing what they can buy….

Rupjmaizes kārtojums

Know I understand why broken plate or tea cup brought sadness to my grandma’s face! She loved porcelain and nicely set celebration table in the times where it wasn’t easy!


P.S. Nowadays this tea set for 6 person costs 50-80 euros in most antique stores and is affordable 🙂 But I still have the original set from my grandma!

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