I’m happy to be back!

Sunday, a day after celebrating my girls 2nd birthday party, I felt tired and empty. We went to the forest to charge our batteries and at the end of the day, I was ready to welcome Monday and start “working” on my blog posts about Helmī birthday and wild mushrooms. Mother Nature is beautiful!


Monday came with no electricity witch in our household means no water (no shower, no WC), no heat (it was only 11 degree Celsius outside), no music (I don’t know why we don’t have a simple radio to turn on!). All girls stayed at home and I felt sick. Still tired and Monday morning was one of those mornings when you NEED coffee! I was worried about girls they had running nouse… no heat, no warm drinks or food to feel better…


Our driveway!


I couldn’t work on my blog posts and the phone’s battery was low. I posted a blog post that was almost finished using my phone.


Our driveway


Heavy rainstorm outside. All dark and gloomy, no sun no fun I would say. I dress up Linna and we both went outside to check the flood. It was raining all night and our driveway was covered in water. We walked all the way to the country road about 300 meters and it was mostly covered in water streams. We both had lovely 20 minutes under umbrellas and raincoats! After those minutes Linna jumped in the big puddle and felt down… all covered with cold water and mud. We run inside and decide to move to caravan!


Yep… our driveway!


We have caravan!!!! Not just caravan – the caravan that is self-sufficient! It means heat. It means gas to cook something and heat water for tea or coffee! Oh, well… Janis checked the battery and … shoot… there weren’t sunny days, so the battery isn’t full, we decided to stay inside the house and use caravan kitchen to cook the meals.


At 2PM electricity supply was restored. Good.


At the end, I felt tired and empty… on Monday too!



P.S. The Orange warning, which has been the highest level of warning in the strongest cast of the rain in Latvia, has been announced only 4 times since 2012, indicating that such a rain is not common in our latitudes.



13 thoughts on “I’m happy to be back!

  1. Good to see you back! Fortunately we do not live in the part of our village which floods. We don’t often have power cuts here and when we do they are never for long. As for cooking, although our ovens are electric the hobs are gas (piped town gas) so we’d never be without heat (five gas hob burners will heat the combined living room and kitchen). If all else failed we’ve got three camping stoves! On the other hand, we clearly get more rain than you and ‘orange’ warnings are more frequent. Today is the first day I’ll be able to put the tent up to dry out after our trip.
    Lovely photos of your wet walk. I suppose the girls enjoyed getting their wellied feet in the water 😜

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    1. Linna was the only one who was strong and curious enough to went out together with me 😀 Other too stayed inside and looked at us throught window… after they saw how fun it was they also wanted to go out but I didn’t had time to go again. So they were upset. Taht’s life… 🙂 Don’t waist your oportunity!


    2. Also… if we ever have our home then we will be prepared for such things like power cuts. I think it’s not ok, if your wood burn central heating needs electricity. I think that’s not well made. I understand that circulation is better with electric pump but it should be fine without one too… physics laws! 😀

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      1. Yes. As you may have gathered we are thinking of moving to Romania if we can and ‘simple’ laws of physics will apply if we do, at least as far as heating is concerned (did I tell you physics was my subject before I abandoned it for journalism?)

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        1. I hope you will move to whatever place you love and feel like home! I needed time to say this house that isn’t our and isn’t as we want is my home… But I’m ready to move out at any time and also invest my work and knowledge to feel like home.


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