Interview for a magazine

Today we gave an interview for the local magazine. Usually I’m not the one who likes to be in magazines. I simply don’t wanna be popular. (Be real, you can’t get popular by giving an interview in local magazine!).

…all started at the end of November 2016 when someone wrote me in the Facebook by claiming that she is redactor in one Latvian magazine. I was: “Yeah, wright! What do you want from me!?”. I answered and said “No! I don’t wanna be popular.” She was ready for such answer and calmed me by saying, that I most likely will be popular only for one to three days. I agreed and we had our love story (the story was about us, how we met and fell in love) in one of the biggest magazines here in Latvia. HM1A7582.jpg

And guess what!? Only two people (I’m not talking about family) called me… Cool.

This time we gave an interview in our local magazine. And it was about us – as a family. About our daily life… I can’t wait to get draft from redactor. I talked a lot and about lot of things… starting from why we are choosing local food and organic as much as possible to how we plan to go for FFTTTTE (First Family Travel Trailer Trip Through Europe).

Actually this time it was super nice time together (girls wasn’t in the kindergarten today) by talking and laughing. I loved to linger in memories and realise that my girls are growing super fast!

I’m grateful that we are spending our days together. After that we went outside and had some snow fun. It was super nice weather outside – warm (relatively) and sunny.

HM1A7600.jpgLinna loves making snow angels.



P.S. My mom is with us, so we can get out and back in super fast 🙂

3 thoughts on “Interview for a magazine

  1. Sounds great! I believe family values and everything that goes along with it are way underappreciated and even neglected. Therefore, popularizing a good, simple, smart life style makes really sense.
    Thanks for also stopping by at It’s a secondary blog, and that’s why it’s less visible.
    Anyway, nice to meet new people on WP!

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