Princess on the pea

Oh gosh! We had our first sleep in the caravan! I didn’t know I’m such a princess on the pea!! The mattress was too hard, the ventilation fan of heating system was too loud and the night was too short 🙂
Now we know what we need to fix/improve to feel comfortable and safe.
By the way… girls loved it! They slept very well! I was overstressed-mama who wakes up and checks if everyone has warm toes and blanket on – it still too cold outside and this was our first time with heating turn on!).


P.S. I am who I am! And I’m trying hard to listen to myself and feel free. …..and I started my day with the cake! Yes, I did!

8 thoughts on “Princess on the pea

  1. LOL. These days confront us with reality and then after a moment we can look back and laugh at how much fun it really was. We can relate to your feeling as we have encountered it in our travels too. They are wonderful life changing moments.

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  2. I know a little how you feel. I think sometimes that it is the ‘idea’ of caravanning rather than the reality of it. I am sure you will soon make all the improvements required to make a comfortable caravan. I have found, like you, that the children don’t care too much for comfort. It is all an adventure. Not so much for Mamma and Pappa. Is there a problem with having cake for breakfast?? Do what you need to.


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