Finger painting

We (me and Janis) need free time to fix/install electricity in the caravan so I decided to delight my two oldest ones with finger paint and finger painting. I brought a garden table inside to be sure that it is easy to clean afterward. While the youngest one was napping the biggest sisters was able to do whatever they want with that paint in the certain area. I also gave a few sheets of paper, to begin with. And few wet-wipes in case they want to clean.


This was the first time I gave them finger paint… I have no idea what I can expect from this activities. 

After 15 minutes I was back to see how nice & clean everything is and I was shocked! It was nice and clean…. Wait a minute!? Why!? They even wore old (far from favorite) dresses… “Where is the problem? Why you aren’t drawing with your hands?” I asked Nelle while she carefully & slowly put her index finger in the yellow paint.


“I don’t like this paint… my fingers getting dirty!”

Oh, well – if Nelles’ fingers are getting dirty – then Linna can’t paint with that paint for sure!

HM1A9801 2

I sat down and explained that they suppose to paint with hands and that’s ok – we can wash hands later… but no… They both tried to make a hand imprint and… went straight to sink to wash that paint off!


P.S. Less mess to clean for me and more time to deal with caravan related works!

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