Poor sleep

Okey…. I can’t sleep for two night already. “What is wrong with me!?” I asked myself. I’m having a poor sleep. I had no idea until this morning!



I woke up feeling tired already. What is wrong!? Maybe our caravan is parked in the “bad” place!? I started to think about what’s changed in last few days. Somehow I carve food late at night! And I can’t sleep with full stomach anymore! I use to do so a year ago but since I quit sugar I never had an appetite late at night anymore. Also, I’m not drinking water anymore!!!

All that traveling changed my diet completely! I’m surprised! I didn’t notice how it happened but here I am opening fridge every few minutes right before midnight…

Now. What I can do for better night sleep is not to eat late at night. But those who have the same problem know how hard it is not to eat late at night. So, I’m not going cold turkey! No way! It won’t work. I already know that.

But what can I do, you might ask!? Drink plenty of water during the day and reduce sugar intake. And again, don’t go cold turkey :).

I hope I’ll be back on good night sleep soon!


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      Hello Ilze, hope your sleep pattern gets back to normal quickly. I’ve struggled to sleep this week because unusually it’s been so hot and humid here in the UK. :>)

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        It’s pity, cause you can’t do anything about hot weather! I’m lucky it’s not my case :). After a poor sleep night we should think “why it is so!?” and sometimes we are lucky and can find the cause and deal with it!

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      Hi Ilze,
      I can relate to you because my sleep patterns have been wacky and my sugar intake has been through the roof. I could also benefit from more water during the day and less sugar altogether. I hope that your sleep patterns will be able to normalize soon. I have also thought of starting meditation, but sitting still is challenging for me… Probably from too much sugar :).
      Well, I hope things get better and thanks for writing this post.
      ❤ Alana

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        I’m happy you shared your experience. Sitting still isn’t easy for me too. Most because I have 3 kids and have no time to just sit. But I understand the benefit of that so I hope to try out meditation this year…..

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      Sorry to hear you are not sleeping well. I trust you will soon be back on track. Absolutely need proper sleep to function throughout the day, especially with 3 little ones.

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      I hope so too!

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      Sleep problems can make you feel horrid. I would recommend trying to get plenty of fruit and vegetables and consider eating a high carbohydrate meal in the evening to make you sleepy. Herbal teas are great too. Clipper do a Sleep Easy tea which I find works like magic.

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