Helmī and apple

This was funny! Sometimes girls like to eat an apple, but sometimes not. When I buy apples – they seem to have registered in “apple hater club” and when there isn’t any at home, they ask for apples like “apple lovers”. Helmī loves apples all the time even saying she don’t when the older sisters open the apple hater club […]

Another year!? 2nd Anniversary.

The blog post “Up till 5am” posted on January 9, 2017, was a point where I realize I’m not afraid to be less than perfect, miserable, confused, different and powerless! It was like a self-discovery without jugging.  Two years ago I’ve started to “be myself”, to love myself and to write freely to keep my memories alive and I’m thankful […]

First blog post this year

    It’s too early to speak about my plans, dreams, and goals for 2018! Tomorrow girls will be in kindergarten. They’ve been asking since Christmas! They got few weeks off.     As a mom, I can say, that these three girls know how to make me tired..or is it me, who wants to spend time together with Nelle […]

Porch: Bird and the Mice family

I wanted to clean the porch but it ended as a rescue mission for animals. First, I have to admit, that I wanted to through away few things like old pillows, sweaters and recliner chair month ago … or even more!? Long story short. Waste collector comes only once a month, so I stored all the unwanted things on the […]

From 6:03 till 7:41

This was super nice and relatively quiet in our house tonight. Only Helmī was crying from 6:03am till  7:41am. I can’t get back to sleep anymore…. Long story short. Janis is super-dad! He spends all his “free” time together with them. Paying, tickling and doing some “kids aero yoga” (that’s how I call it!). They have such a good time together and girls […]