Helmī and apple

This was funny! Sometimes girls like to eat an apple, but sometimes not. When I buy apples – they seem to have registered in “apple hater club” and when there isn’t any at home, they ask for apples like “apple lovers”. Helmī loves apples all the time even saying she don’t when the older sisters … More Helmī and apple

From 6:03 till 7:41

This was super nice and relatively quiet in our house tonight. Only Helmī was crying from 6:03am till  7:41am. I can’t get back to sleep anymore…. Long story short. Janis is super-dad! He spends all his “free” time together with them. Paying, tickling and doing some “kids aero yoga” (that’s how I call it!). They have such a … More From 6:03 till 7:41