Porch: Bird and the Mice family

I wanted to clean the porch but it ended as a rescue mission for animals. First, I have to admit, that I wanted to through away few things like old pillows, sweaters and recliner chair month ago … or even more!?

Long story short. Waste collector comes only once a month, so I stored all the unwanted things on the porch (and also, I was too busy and tired to pull the recliner chair all the way to the barn). So there they stood for more than a month and now when I finally wanted to clean and paint the porch I find out, that my old pillows and sweaters are habitat for a mouse with 3 little kids.


I know, I know it’s just a mouse… but I just didn’t want to disturb her. So I left everything as it is and even brought her a slice of bread. Won’t disturb them for a week or so. Are you laughing?

Are you laughing? My mom did when I phoned here :).

After a careful consideration 🙂 I decide to clean another end of the porch… but there I found the baby bird in between my Crocs rain boots and bench! Come on! Nelle was so happy to see the bird so close. The bird looked confused! And me too. I just turn around, walked away, sat down in the middle of the garden and made a phone call to the old friend… Just to talk. And after a half of hour bird was interested to come out.

Nelle suggested to feed him and I just loved the idea. I know that bread isn’t the right thing for the bird. We have to catch flies!  We can catch 4 flies and the bird ate them all! Jump around the garden and then took off and fly away!

But still, I need to clean the porch that was taken away from me by Mother Nature….


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