Goodbye July and Hello August!

Last 2 days in July were promising. Maybe the summer will come and the sun will be with us in August! Some how I remember how all the summer dresses and T-shirts had a discount on August! And it was bargain cause real summer (for 2-3 weeks) here in Latvia always started at August! This year looks the same.


Little birdie in the hay, right before all is rolled up.


August is here and I’m looking forward to enjoying it! Our wedding anniversary and my brothers birthday aren’t far away!


All the berries, veggies and fruits will be ripe in no time. Also, that means I will spend time in the kitchen making jams and jellies, preserves and juices. July was herbal tea time (Ivan Chai, Yarrow, Meadowsweet, Jasmin) now it’s time for food canning. I hope I’ll finish the kitchen renovation work at the end of August… or September! Uh, it doesn’t matter!

Also, it’s usually “the wedding month” here in Latvia but this year we aren’t invited to any. It’s not like we don’t have family members who are getting married.. they just don’t want to have a big celebration. And that’s the “thing”  (small wedding) you can’t  without hurting anyone if you have a big family.

Anyway, August will be full of joy and healthy treats right from the garden and local bushes!

Do you have plans or activities for August!?



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